Stop Program Time


Schedule Start Stop  v.2.0

Schedule Start Stop is a simple application allows you to schedule programs to run and close at certain times.

Time Stopper  v.2.00

This is a Freeware. Using this software you can stop the time for any try-out version software and you can use them forever. You stop the time of a try-out version using this Time Stopper it works via this Time Stopper.



Engage is a Start Menu organizer (and replacement) that gives you fast and easy access to all of your most used items. Stop wasting time hunting through your Start Menu. Your programs, documents, favorites, bookmarks, web sites, shutdown, and search

StatPlus:mac  v.2009

Perform statistical analysis on a Mac in the familiar environment. Turn Microsoft Excel 2004 or 2008 into a powerful statistical package with StatPlus:mac. Stop wasting time learning new tools and perform complex statistical analysis right away!

Alpha Key Saver

DESKTOP USERS - Do you reply to a lot of email each day? Do you regularly prepare documents with standard paragraphs? If so, you need Alpha Key Saver. Stop wasting time re-typing the same information over and over.

Web Notifier  v.1

Stop wasting time searching the web. Let the web come to you. Web Notifier allows you to easily stay informed with updated information from the internet. Using this software,

MediaGrab!  v.3 6

Use MediaGrab! to find exactly the files you want. Stop wasting time with buggy search programs or hard-to-find, slow-to-load Websites. MediaGrab! gives you over 25.6 MILLION files from Websites, ftp, and even the Usenet.

TimeLord  v.1.0

TimeLord is a small Personal Software Process software, allows a user to log into a JIRA server and retrieve tasks. Then record start, stop, delta time and a description for work completed. TimeLord Features: * JIRA server connectivity * Local

Fox Movie Manager  v.1.45

Get your large movie collection under control with an easy to use software. Stop wasting time typing your movie info in manually. Fox Movie Manager takes movie collection databases to a new level.

OnlyStopWatch  v.3.23

OnlyStopWatch is a watch to stop the time. It is a watch to stop the time. With milliseconds precision. Optimize your processes. For example: How long can you hold your breath ? How long ... . In any case, is a nice portablee tool for time

EasyTimer  v.

With EasyTimer you can start/stop the time and reset

Chronometers  v.

This simple up allows you to take up to 4 chronometered times at the same time. Very simple to use: just tap to start/stop the time count or hit the "reset" button to start over. Specially indicated for trainers. Don't spend loads of money on a

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